Saturday, April 7, 2012

What type of modeling is available in the Northwest?

This isn't a major market like New York or Miami, so it's easier to say what kind of modeling is NOT happening here in the Pacific Northwest.

There is virtually no editorial fashion or national-level print work going on … and while local publications do run a limited amount of fashion-oriented editorial material, the fact is -- local photographers are rarely called upon to provide editorial material for national publications.

So, if editorial modeling is your objective -- then you need to head to New York or another major market area. You’ll need the right look they want … and you’ll need the backing of the right agency.

What you’ll find here is this -- most of the modeling work that is available in Washington falls into four categories:

1. Catalog and other commercial print modeling. This includes modeling for department store catalogs and circulars, as well as advertisements for local businesses like jewelers, hair salons, car dealerships, and so on.

2. Freelance 'glamour' and 'art' modeling. This includes most of the bikini/swimsuit modeling and the more tasteful varieties of topless/nude modeling that is done for calendars, postcards, posters, and art prints, and for artists in non-photographic media such as painters and sculptors. Physique or fitness modeling is also sometimes included in this category.

3. 'Adult industry' or 'adult entertainment' modeling. There are a number of options for that type of work in this market – but the topic is outside the scope of what we are discussing in this article.

4. General modeling opportunities. These are possible areas where beginning models can get started. And while not very lucrative, chances are new models can make a little money and have a good time. This category includes:

a. Promotional or convention modeling, which can include everything from handing out brochures and product literature at trade shows and conventions to handing out food samples at grocery stores. Car show modeling (or 'import' modeling) is a popular subset of this category.

b. Fashion shows at shopping malls, department stores, and bridal shows.

c. Modeling for amateur photographers and photo clubs, some of whom hire models for the purpose of practicing their photography.

d. Modeling at photo workshops. These are usually set up by an experienced photographer for the purpose of teaching a small group of amateur models and photographers how to create pleasing images together.

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