Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Can you make a living as a model in the Northwest?

The simple answer, "probably not."

There just isn't enough work available in the Northwest to make a full-time living doing modeling.

Only a very small percentage of all the models in the Northwest make enough money to live on just from their modeling.

Here's how it breaks out:

Fashion/Catalog/Commercial Models: Most print models working in the Northwest don't make a full-time income from their modeling work. There are a limited number of modeling assignments available and too many models are competing for those assignments.

Most models only do a few modeling assignments each year, and then work regular 9-to-5 jobs for income between modeling assignments.

Most successful models from the Northwest move to larger market regions like New York or Miami after a year or two, where they have better opportunities to earn a full-time living from their modeling work.

If your career goal is to be a full-time fashion or commercial model, the Northwest is not the place to be. Sorry.

Glamour/Figure Models: Freelance models working in the Northwest spend most of their time contacting potential clients (photographers, artists, webmasters and small business owners) to find modeling assignments.

The most dedicated freelance models make excellent money, but they have to be constantly on the go and constantly in contact with new clients to keep a steady stream of assignments lined up.

Most freelance models don't pursue modeling as a full-time occupation, preferring instead to work a regular 9-to-5 job during the week and doing occasional modeling work for clients in nearby cities on weekends for a little extra income.

Many models find that the number of potential clients is larger in other regions of the country. So, they end up moving -- often to Southern California.

Do you Need an Agency?

Well, for fashion and commercial print work, the answer is almost always yes.

Most companies that hire models for ads and commercials go to one or two modeling agencies in their area to find models, so you will have a very difficult time getting this type of work as a freelance model.

Advertisers generally don't have time to search modeling web sites to find models.

For glamour, figure/art, and other varieties of freelance modeling, you most likely do NOT need an agency.

Most of that type of work is booked directly with individual photographers and small business owners. These types of clients are generally less likely to use modeling agencies when looking for models.

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