Thursday, April 12, 2012

Some Misc. Notes on Modeling ...

In the modeling world, the term "booking" refers to an agreement between model and client for the model to do some specific modeling work in exchange for some specific compensation from the client, at a specific date and time, and at a specific location.

The agreement can be formalized in writing, but in most cases it is done over the phone or through e-mail.

The term booking can also be applied to the process of making these arrangements, like if a client is said to be booking a model, the client is in the process of reaching an agreement with the model.

For agency models, a person at the agency called a booker usually makes all the arrangements with clients so the model doesn't have to worry about negotiations and other details of the booking process.

Once the agency and the client have reached an agreement about the work the model will do, the agency adds the booking to the model's appointment book and the model will be expected to follow through on doing the work for the client.

Can I Expect To Work Weekends Or Weekdays?

For fashion/commercial modeling, the vast majority of the work is during regular business hours on weekdays. You might encounter an occasional weekend booking, but you should generally plan on being available at any time during the week when your agent calls with a job opportunity.

For freelance modeling, you will probably be working with individuals and artists that have widely varying schedules. In many cases these clients may have regular jobs on weekdays and limit their photography and/or artwork to weekends.

For promotional modeling, your work hours will depend on the types and locations of the promotions you do. Convention and trade show assignments usually happen during business hours on weekdays. In-store promotions often happen during evenings and weekends when consumers are shopping instead of working. Assignments at night clubs, sporting events, and tourism-related events are usually on evening and weekends.

Are Modeling Schools a Waste of Money?

The simplre answer is: Yes. Modeling schools are usually a waste of money. In many cases, modeling schools are designed to get unsuspecting young people to pay for unnecessary training without regard to whether these people actually have a chance at succeeding in the industry.

Some modeling schools are outright scams, charging exorbitant fees and delivering little in return. Beware of high pressure sales tactics and quick promises of big-time modeling work in the future.

Classes in dance and movement and classes in small business accounting can be worthwhile for some models, but community colleges or private instruction are probably better suited to teaching those skills than most modeling schools.

Also note that when signing new faces, modeling agencies usually don't care whether applicants have had training or not.

Can I Get Discovered at Modeling Expos and Seminars?

Not likely.

The same cautions that apply to modeling schools also apply to these events. Most of the 'modeling expo' or 'modeling seminar' events held at hotels and convention centers are just elaborate sales pitches for modeling schools or overpriced portfolio mills. Some are outright scams, taking lots of money from aspiring models and delivering little in return. Beware of high pressure sales tactics and big promises.

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